Pushing my sculptures further has allowed me to work with installation and creating environments that submerge the viewer. My final piece of my BA Hons in Fine Art was a site specific installation combining all my techniques in sculpture and knitting.

Degree Show Installation

My work focuses on replacing anxiety attack consequences of scratching myself, with the constructive hobby of knitting. By knitting on 45mm handmade needles I have created sculptures that are set in paint which tower high, almost endlessly. The colours reflect the layers of skin, and complexity of the largest organ our bodies have.

The six meter knitted works are made in both response and to alleviate the anxiety attacks I suffer from. The repetition of knitting on oversized handmade needles produces large open nets which are stretched and set in paint, that both conceals and celebrates the yarn and the structure of knitting.

Other Installations

Not only have I created installation work at the university, I have also tried to broaden my horizons and create site specific work outside of a studio environment. 

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