Colour and Its Influence

Colour “The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.” Definition in the Oxford Dictionary.

Colour is known for effecting our moods, the way we view sizes of rooms, our attraction to objects and our perception of food, but what if we remove colour to remove our emotional and chemical response to objects and the world around us?

I have tested out painting some of my work completely white which removed both the colour of the wooden chair, and the yellow tones of the expanding foam. However, is it impossible to remove colour without producing darkness as white is a colour. 

White Chair

White can be symbolic of a sterile and safe environment, along with youth and innocence. Angels are often thought of as wearing white, however in many other countries white is the symbol of death and is often word during the mourning process.

By painting this chair white I have tried to make it fall into the clinical studio background and remove other influences and ideas that can be produced in artwork using colour. I am unsure if this is successful, it seems to work in this environment where its unusual to see an object painted entirely white, but I do feel that people could possibly read too much into it.

Nina Saunders

The influence for this piece was Nina Saunders work, Abstract Mass, 2008. This piece is made entirely of concrete and is very pale in colour. Looking at this chair it does not look like it is made of concrete, it looks soft, plump and inviting, much like the expanding foam I am using.  The only photograph and evidence I can find of this work is the photo I have shown here therefore I don’t know what it would look like in a studio environment.

Nina Saunders, Abstract Mass, 2008, 78 x 78 x 92cm,

The next process for the work I have produced here is to hopefully take it out around the South Downs National Park and explore what it would look like in another and more colourful environment.