Adapting the Surface

During my process of making I am always thinking of new ways to adapt my work and its surface. I have a fascination with yarn, cotton thread and paint and using these materials to change the colour and appearance of my work. 

This week I have been trying to adapt the surface of my sculptures to add colour, texture and another thought process. I wanted to highlight the curves within the different forms. I originally painted one with gradations of colour onto the work using acrylic paint, but only in the dipped areas. The second ‘Blue Fall’ I painted entirely white before adding my gradation of colour.

‘Red Fall’

‘Red Fall’ also has the opportunity to change as it is exposed to light where I have left the foam untreated and in its original colour. I have used a combination of embroidery thread and thin sewing cotton thread to create the notion of falling thread. ‘Red Fall’ seemed to become a very bodily focused piece of work, with references to intestines and blood. On another spectrum, ‘Blue Fall’ doesn’t seem to attract any references to it that could reflect another object. 

I furthered this experimentation by using some of my previous foam sculptures to adapt and hopefully improve.


Some of the feedback I have received on this work has been slightly eyeopening and its interesting to see what other people view when they look at my work. Viewers think it looks like…

  • A Rib cage
  • A Heart
  • A Vagina with tampons in
  • A Vagina with a yeast infection
  • A Spine
  • A Bad cut/gauge


All of the feedback I all circulates around the same thing, the body. Especially a feminine body and genitalia. I am not sure whether this is the impression I want to bring across throughout my work. I assume this impression is given mainly because of the choice of colour, and I will continue to develop this technique to see what will be produced and how colour changes on the surface can develop my work further.