A Walk With Intent

Today I spent the morning walking though the South Downs National Park near my home exploring where I could place and display one of my latest pieces. This piece titled ‘Unusable Chair’ was created using an old knitted jumper, an old chair, and expanding foam. Although it was very pleasing to the eye in a gallery space, I felt the piece was missing something important, whether that be more colour, or that the work needed to become site specific. This chair, in a gallery space seems to resemble the use of pine cones on chairs in galleries to stop you sitting on them.

My Walk with intent

This brings me to my walk today, I took the chair out into the Park to see what a different placement would achieve. Currently the fields are full of bright yellow oil seed rape and the woods are blossoming with blue bells just about to end their season, and these vivid colours have set a bold back drop for this piece. 

The placement in the above photo is hunting to the eye, why is the chair there, it is in a place of total abnormality whilst also being the centre point of the image.


For some reason, currently unknown to me this placement of the chair seems to work perfectly. The colour of the oil seed rape depicts and enhances the green and yellow tones within the varnished dark wood. 



I have always loved bluebells, ever since I was a little girl, going for a walk in the woods and seeing endless amounts of these purple coloured flowers flooding the woods. I couldn’t wait to get my sculpture in the centre of these flowers before the pass over for the year. Once again the colours compliment the work and bring out not only the different tones in the wood but also the textiles. 


This walk has made me think more about how I am going to display my work throughout my MA. It has inspired me to take more of my work out and about and explore what my work becomes in a different environment. I feel I have started moving my chairs into site specific sculptural pieces. 

I cant wait to get these printed off to accompany the work, or, have these images now become the work that I will now display?