Am I really studying a Fine Art Masters?

I went to uni today to discuss the studio spaces for the summer, and I just felt lost. Like I was in complete denial that I am currently studying a masters course and I have assessments in less than a month. I have been working a lot and am very heavily involved in Girl Guiding as well as playing rugby and my coursework has taken a back seat, but now is the time for a big kick and to get back to doing what I love most and focusing on my coursework. 

I honestly am unsure on where my work stands at the moment, I have created many different pieces of work mostly using expanding foam, knitting, and chairs, but I cannot see where my work is going currently. 

I think there is 3 different aspects to my work, The Knitting, The Expanding Foam, and the Sculptural Aspect using Furniture. Each of these elements communicate something different and show different areas to explore, and I think these need to be explored individually before coming together.

Knitting in my work has been an important part from the start of my Masters and before. 


Expanding foam is a material that has a mind of it own, the material is unpredictable and you never know what form or shape it is going to take. 


Using furniture has been a recent development in my work and I look at chairs primarily at the moment, this however could develop into something further and using more furniture in different ways. I have looked at some of Ai Weiweis work and will be delving deeper into his work along with Nina Saunders.

  • Singular Chairs or Groups
  • Symbolism of a Chair
  • Materiality of a chair


Bringing all these 3 aspects of my work together gives me a type of art that I am yet to understand fully. I have created enough practical work to get me through the assessment and I need to begin reading to add context and understand what my work is becoming.